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May is the best month to experience the flourishing spring and is therefore not without reason the bicycle month par excellence. There are various themed routes that take you on a journey of discovery through the most beautiful nature reserves. The routes show you the way through forests and dunes and through historic villages and cultural cities.


Not only by bike, but also walking through the most beautiful nature reserves is recommended. Make sure you take your admission ticket or ‘Dune card’ with you when you enter the North Holland Dunes. You will receive them on arrival from us and otherwise you can buy a day ticket at the entrances to the forest or at visitor center 'de Hoep'.



The Pontjesroute is an attractive cycle route around the Alkmaarder- and Uitgeestermeer, which includes five ferries. With two ferries you have to sail yourself by turning a winch. You cycle along the uplifting water of this large lake and over the ring dikes of deep drains, with their tight pattern of ditches, roads and waterways. The many meadow birds can be heard loudly in the water-rich polders. You can cycle the route using the bicycle junction network of Laag-Holland.
The Pontjesroute starts and ends in Castricum at the NS station, but you can of course also start elsewhere. To do this, follow the nodes or cross points 22-21-20-24-84-87-pontveer-88-89-pontveer-59-pontveer-60-61-62-58-57-56-pontveer-55-54- from Castricum station 19-18-17-21-22 and board station.

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From Castricum station to Egmond aan Zee. This NS walk is a highlight for nature lovers. With forest, open field and dunes, there is plenty of variety. Along the way you can see many animals: from cormorants to Scottish highlanders. A beautiful route winds over high grass dunes and through deep valleys. When you think that this is it, you thought wrong. Beach and sea are still waiting for you as a spectacular end to this route.
Directions:  The finish or end point of the route is Egmond aan Zee. Then take the bus from Egmond aan Zee to Alkmaar station. Check the current departure times with the Travel Planner before departure. For example: www.9292.nl or www.ns.nl

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The cycle route through the Oer-IJ leads past places where the traces of human habitation have been made visible through archaeological research. The route leads among other things to the location of a female skeleton. She was named Hilde, a name given to the Provincial Archaeological Information Center. The route starts at ‘Huis van Hilde’ and makes a tour along the northern Oer-IJ area. The route is only 22 kilometers long but goes through archaeological sites that are almost all represented in the permanent presentation of Huis van Hilde.

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Did you know that you can also take a short walk from Johanna's Hof? A delicious cup of coffee at Johanna's court while the children enjoy themselves in the play forest. The area offers space for various birds, amphibians and rare plants. On the website of ‘walking network Noord Holland’ you can find more routes that start from Johanna's Hof.