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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I see a film at Camping Bakkum?

Did you know that Camping Bakkum boasts its own Film House? The film house is located in Loods 4, next to the small car park. Please consult the activity programme to see when a film is shown. Especially appreciated in less great weather, when the children can have a great time in their own cinema. Entry to all films is free; you can bring your own drinks and popcorn!

Does Camping Bakkum have a mascot?

It certainly has! Let us introduce… Hi, I am Eeki the Squirrel, Camping Bakkum's mascot. I look forward to seeing my old camping friends each summer, and to making new friends. You'll find me in the Sport & Spelloods every morning to dance, and later in the day I'll wait for you in my own Verhalenhuis (Story House). There we can listen together to the greatest stories. Did you know I have my own Facebook page too? I share all my adventures there, just look on facebook.com/eekhoorneeki.

Is there a recreation/entertainment program?

During the holidays and in the weekends our Recreation Team is present, catering especially for children. Up to date information and the program is available from Reception and can be found on the website.

Is there a Recreation Team?

Yes, our Recreation Team consists of a group of young, enthusiastic students and staff. During the holidays and all weekends the campsite is open, they provide an extensive programme of activities for the very young, the very mature and everyone in between.

What is 'De Pan'?

Come to our theatre! Our natural open-air theatre is one of only 6 in The Netherlands. During the season there will be various free performances. You can enjoy theatre, cabaret, dance, music, parties and our very own festival, Bakkum Vertelt.

What is Bakkum Vertelt?

Everyone has a story to tell, and stories are told, sung, played or acted out. During festival Bakkum Vertelt you'll see all these performing art forms in open-air theatre De Pan. For three days we'll mix the talents of young artists with those of great names, with something for everybody. The afternoons start with a special children's programme; there are theatre performances for the whole family, and you can enjoy some fantastic music. The later it gets, the bigger the party, so you'll leave De Pan dancing! Various food trucks will be serving great dishes during the whole festival. Whatever you do, don't miss it! www.bakkumvertelt.nl



Can I come camping with a group?

We reserve the right to refuse groups wishing to camp or stay in our rental accommodations, irrespective of the ages of group members.

From what age can young people come camping without any adults accompanying them?

Anyone can come camping from the age of 21. Those under 21 need to be accompanied by an adult (someone 21 or over). Groups (even when all over 21) may be refused.

How much does a pitch cost?


How old do I need to be to come camping

Young people under 21 cannot come camping on their own. We also reserve the right to refuse groups.

I have two cars. Can I get an extra pass (and what kind of pass?!)?

Season pitch campers with a second car can get  trhough the barrier for a fee of 70 euros per season. Tourist campers can get a €2 parking ticket for one night at the time.

What do I do when I get back in the car in the middle of the night?

After midnight you can park in P1. The car must be moved before 10.00 the next day.

When are the barriers operational?

Tourist campers with a pitch with car have access from 8.00 till 22.00. The P2 car park is accessible until 00.00. The barrier to leave will always open!

op mijn kampeerplek

op mijn kampeerplek

Can I have a second caravan on my pitch?

No, only one camping means per pitch is allowed. You may however have a small tent or (bike) shed) (maximally 2.5 x 2 metres) in addition to your main camping means. Tourist campers can place a small tent in addition to the caravan, but not an extra caravan. A maximum of six people may stay on any one pitch (this applies to season pitches too).

Can I put a small tent next to my main camping means?

You may put up a small extra tent, provided this fits on the camping pitch.

Can I put up a small tent by our caravan?

Provided there are no more than six people staying on the pitch and the total surface area of all camping means does not exceed 35 m², you may put up an extra small tent.

How big is my camping pitch?

All camping pitches on the campsite measure between 80 and 120 m2.

I would like to bring my caravan or pitch my tent before my arrival (for example, 1 or 2 nights, without me staying there). Is this possible? Do I need to pay?

When the camping means is put on the pitch, the appropriate tariff is due. A caravan can be put on P2 for free for a maximum of 1 night. This only in the low season, as a last resort and at your own risk.