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Camping Bakkum:
a paradise in the North Holland dunes.

A pleasant campsite for young and old, where you have the freedom to be who you are. The very best moments here will be those you shared. The lovely meeting square is the heart of the campsite. A place to connect and to enjoy yourself, with a genuine ‘community feel’.

Tent, caravan, or campervan? Camping can be done in many ways. What suits you best?
Choose a ‘Play Pitch’: ideal for families with small children.
Or pick a ‘Tent Pitch’: especially for campers with a sense for nostalgia.
Sheltered between the trees you'll find a ‘Forest Pitch’, and you can soak up the sun at a ‘Sun Pitch’.
Active campers will feel very much at home at a ‘Water sports Pitch’.

Perhaps you prefer a little more comfort? Get to know our stylish ‘Dune Rose’ and ‘Dune View’.
Places where indoors and outdoors merge, with the sauna nearby for complete relaxation.
Alternatively, you can steep yourself in beach vibes in our ‘Beach Cabin’.
Take a seat on the veranda and start relaxing!
In a ‘Panorama Tent’ you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Camping as well as comfort!

Thijs Hoebe, reception Camping Bakkum