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Welcome at Camping Bakkum. How nice to meet you at our lovely campsite. Because of the amount of guests present, we need to make sure that we all respect each other and follow some guidelines and rules. In this way it will be pleasant and comfortable for everybody. Let’s enjoy every little bit that Bakkum has to offer. You can find the Campsite rules right here.

Cars and other transportation

  • Every accommodation/camping pitch will receive 1 parking card. The card is personal and will give access to one car.
  • When you have reserved a pitch with a parking space, then you can park you vehicle right next to the pitch. Driving from and to your pitch is possible between 07.00 am and 22.00 pm.
  • If you are staying in one of our accommodations, the closest parking space is the central parking P2. Accessible 24/7
  • We would like to ask you to drive slowly and not faster than 5 kilometres. Safety first and please look out for all the playing kids
  • Charging your electric of hybrid car is allowed at the designated areas at P1/P2. Please replace your car after the charging is complete.
  • Visitors can use parking P2. 1 euro/hour and 5,50 euro for the whole day.
  • It is not allowed to let other guest, outside your Familie, use your parking card. Otherwise the card will be withdrawn.

Campingpitch and Camping objects

  • A 6 person maximum per place/pitch in terms of overnight stay.
  • Only one main camping object/camper/caravan/motorhome or tent per place/pitch.
  • No pets allowed excluded assistance dogs wearing recognizable outfits.
  • The maximum length of a camping object/camper/caravan/motorhome or tent is 8.50 meters.
  • It is not allowed to put camping objects outside the pitch you reserved.
  • Whenever there are guests or overnight stays, make sure to register and pay at the reception
  • The minimum age to camp alone is 21 years. Younger than 21 will need supervision of an adult older than 21. Teenagers travelling in groups, no matter what age, can be refused.
  • It is not allowed to camp in groups.
  • Sawing and pruning is not allowed anywhere at the campsite
  • Leave the pitch clean and tidy whilst departing

Hygiëne and Sanitary

  • On the campsite there are several places with underground waste containers. This is where you can deposit your trash bags. There are also containers for paper, glass, plastic. #recycle
  • It is not permitted to stay or be in the sanitary buildings without a reasonable purpose or in an annoying manner.
  • We appreciate it very much if guidance goes with children under 7 to the sanitary buildings.
  • Toilet buckets may only be emptied in the designated chemical toilet area of ​​the sanitary buildings.
  • Use water wisely. The use and connection of garden hoses to the water taps is not permitted.


In your welcome package you will find the dune cards, take the dune card always with if you visited the dunes. You will have free access to the Kennemer Dune. At the inputs of the dune reserve, you can read all the entry conditions.


- Open Fire is not allowed. BBQ is only allowed on electricity or gas.
- We would like to ask that everyone respects the rule of being quit after the 22:00 hour at the campsite.
- It is not allowed to have drugs or use drugs.
- It is not allowed to have alcoholic drinks with you around the campsite. It is only allowed at your camping place or at the restaurants.
- The use of aggregates for the generation of electricity is not allowed.
- Offering merchandise not allowed on the campsite.


When an employee appeals to you on your behavior, then you have to follow these instructions should immediately follow. You have also to listen to the instructions if there is a calamity 

All agreements of the Kennemer Duincampings are under the condition of RECRON terms.

Nice that you has read all the conditions. Let's all have a memorable time.