Zoek je verblijf

Thomas Haer holds sway over the renewed restaurant
at Bakkum campsite. In spite of its Dutch name, most
dishes are Italian in nature. Pasta, pizza, Thomas serves
multi-course dinners with the greatest of ease, and the
restaurant has therefore been extended. The inside resembles
a cosy dining room, and now offers 40 extra seats. Not
surprising when you've tried the Italian coffee.


Always hospitable, everyone welcome. Thomas
and his team pull out all the stops. ‘It is such fun
when people come back for coffee 3x in a day!’


Where possible local, but always fresh is a crucial
principle at Op de Hoek. ‘Yes indeed, even when
it is very, very busy,’ Thomas says, smiling.


Receive, and you will give? Thomas has many years
of experience in catering. ‘I learned the trade, and I love
passing it on.’ It is his ambition to become a recognised
apprenticeship business. ‘I am certain we can deliver
high quality and at the same time give young people a
chance to learn. If you don't, how are they supposed to
learn?’ Clearly, young people go the extra mile for Thomas,
for when we ask the guests, it rains compliments!