Ghost tour


19:00 - 22:00
If you found it all too scary last year, you might not want to join in this year.

In any case, it is likely to give you nightmares and make you sleep badly.

It gets more thrilling and exciting each year, as confirmed by the participants and their parents. It’s really exciting, but that may make it less suitable for children younger than 8. The Ghost Tour is most suitable for children over 8, heading into the woods accompanied by an adult. You'll need nerves of steel this year too, because the story is extremely tense. In normal life you won't be dealing with much blood or murder, but tonight you may well find blood and you may well have to solve a murder. You'll be going into the woods in small groups, and you'll need to hope you'll get out alive. The Ghost Tour is suitable for children 8 years old and over. Younger children cannot enrol because it really tends to be too scary for them.
Enrol at Reception; you can do this from July. We'll meet on the 18th, by the Film House, where the adventure begins.