Adventure with Forest Ranger (bosw8er)


Time: 2 pm
Yes, we'll play hide and seek! But first we'll have a look how animals do it. How do they manage to hide so well, and why do they do it? Put on your old clothes, because you'll come back camouflaged!

On the following Wednesdays our Forest Ranger can take you on an expedition, with a new theme every week:

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08 July 13:00 (Junior Forest Ranger)

15 July 13:00 (The Cycle)

22 July 13:00 (Forest Ranger at the campsite)

29 July 13:00 (Hide and Seek 2.0)

05 August 13:00 (Junior Forest Ranger)

12 August 13:00 (The Cycle)

19 August 13:00 (Hide and Seek 2.0)

26 August 13:00 (Junior Forest Ranger)

These adventures will take about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Children over the age of 5 are welcome. Fees: € 5,- p.p.

Parents can come along too and do not need to enrol or pay. We do ask that they keep their distance during the walk and the activities, so that the children can experience everything undisturbed in their little group.