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Eekis Adventure Story

Eekis Adventure Story


Time: 7pm
Especially for you Eeki is going to talk about his adventures in De Pan. A real fairy tale such as Cinderella, or The Three Little Pigs. Or perhaps a different, less known story. They are all exciting and great to listen to.

The special thing is that Eeki himself will feature in each story! Did you now Eeki used to be a prince? Or that he once talked to the Frog King? You'll hear it all during Eekis Adventure Story.
When we say 'especially for you, we really mean you.
This is because you can sit right behind the beautiful orange cord if you are younger than 12. Anyone who is older, like your mum and dad, can stay at the caravan or tent. They can come to De Pan if you want them to, but they have to sit further away from the stage, 1.5 metres from everyone else.