KDC songs LIVE


Time: 4pm and 7pm
Dance and sing along at a special concert for the Bakkum kids! Eeki dances and sings songs with the children on the campsite every morning.

The songs have been made in collaboration with Camping Geversduin and Camping De Lakens 14 ‘Kennemer Duincampings’. They are available from Reception on usb-stick (flash drive). But you can attend the special live concert too!

Four singers will come together in De Pan on the 3rd of August. Saskia, Diana, Desiree and of course Alexander will sing to their (and your) heart's content, and so will you of course!

We want all children to be able to take part, which is why there'll be 2 concerts: one at 16:00 and one at 19:00.

Get yourself a free ticket for a concert of your choice at Reception. Parents and other family members 13 years and older need to get a ticket too, because de Pan accommodates a limited number of adults. So make sure you run over to Reception to get a ticket for one of the concerts!