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Bakkum Vertelt

Bakkum Vertelt

10-07-2020 until 12-07-2020

Time: at program
We welcome a new edition of this grand festival, where everything has to do with music, theatre and stories in the widest sense of the words. This year the festival will be over three days. Three days of more music, more theatre and more great acts.

Friday the 10th of July, Saturday the 11the of July and Sunday the 12th of July different artist will perform at the free festival of Bakkum Vertelt at Camping Bakkum. There will be two stages where the baton will be passed between singer songwriters, theatre, song, stories, bands and other acts. Nice and relaxed with a drink in your hand and a nice burger or great healthy snack. The Main Stage in De Pan and the Caravan Stage will have a cosy  festival set, making your holiday feeling complete. Food trucks will make sure you have plenty to eat, while the kids can make fun festival creations with the Recreation Team. And you, you can dance if you want to! Follow Bakkum Vertelt on Instagram or Facebook and catch all the updates before, during and after the festival.
Do you want to experience the full festival vibe? Book one of our CAMPING PITCHES or RENTAL ACCOMMODATIONS See you there!

Friday 10 juli: 16:00 - 22.00 hours
Saturday 11 juli: 16.00 - 22.00 hours
Sunday 12 juli: 12.00 - 18.00 hours *
* On Sunday, from 18: 00 - 20:00 hours, the foodtrucks will open for you, allowing you to be both a culinary and a music will be invited to the festival, Bakkum Vertelt.