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Musical by Bakkum kids

Kidsmusical Aladdin


Time: 8 pm
Easter colours and scents greet you in this great musical. The crazy Sultan, the genie out of the bottle, and of course Aladdin himself tell the story about the young workman and the ravishingly beautiful princess.

Every time this is a great experience for the children on the stage of De Pan, singing, dancing and acting. They sing at the top of their voices, looking if you see how well they are doing. A great experience for them, but also for you as a parent, a friend or family member. The musical will be performed on the evening of the 4th of August, after a whole week of rehearsals. It is important for both the show as well as the children (especially those with the main parts) that they are present at all rehearsals. But it is the holidays after all, so enjoyment and fun are the most important. Auditions will be held on Wednesday the 29th of July at 14:00. Everyone coming to the audition will take part in the musical. We use the audition mainly to see who is most suitable for the main parts. There'll be live singing by real singers, and two roles will be played by real actors. Who they are will remain a secret for now.