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Season camping

A large part of the woodland on Kennemer Duincamping Bakkum is reserved for season camping. This means there are over 1400 season pitches. Season camping is a pure luxury; who would object to being able to spend 7 months in unspoilt natural surroundings?

A season at Kennemer Duincamping Bakkum means you can stay at the campsite at any time from the end of March until the autumn half-term holidays.

'Hip and nostalgic' describes the campsite very well. Some of our guests have been enjoying the seasons at Bakkum for most of their lives, others have only recently discovered them. But all enjoy the same: nature, the beach and the wonderful atmosphere.

Different pitches

We offer different season pitches. Pitches without electricity, with electricity and pitches with both electricity and car parking.

Away from the pitches where car parking is allowed, traffic is severely restricted, so children can play here without the danger of moving cars. The available pitches differ in size are named accordingly; the Dwergstern (< 80 m²), the Zilvermeeuw (80-120 m²) and the Albatros (> 120 m²).


If you wish to reserve a season pitch for next year, please apply at the reception desk, without obligation. The first Sunday in February 2022 it is possible to make a new reservation for a season pitch. For the season 2022, there are no pitches available. 

half season pitch

From the 12th of March until the 3th of July 2021, and from the 29th of August until the 31th of October 2021 you can enjoy unlimited camping with our Half Season package. Choose from shady Forest pitches, sunny Sun pitches or car-free Dune pitches. In 2022 we have shadt Forest pitches and sunny Sun pitches

Forest pitch: € 1577,-
Sun pitch: € 1577,-
Dune pitch: € 1577,-

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