Watertoren Duin & Bosch

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Watertower Duin & Bosch

Staying in Watertower Duin & Bosch in Castricum is one big highlight! Both for a romantic getaway, celebrating weekend on weekdays or as a unique night abroad, this private suite has it al... And there's enough to discover also! The unique design boutique hotel stands in an amazing surrounding where there's so much to discover in the area of nature, culture and certainly culinary!


Your own private suite

Finaly you've arrived at your destination, a special night awaits you. Open the doors downstairs and enter the historical Watertower... Here you learn about the rich history of this Dutch monument.

Then you walk up the dizzying spiral staircase, the stairs to your own boutique hotel. The way up goes alongside steel and concrete, it's a journey in itself! One door opens, after which another staircase is followed by short Swedish stairs... and then... You literally stand in the centre of your luxurious, unique, private suite with 360 view. Ready for a romantic night.

Welcome in your own design hotel! Welcome in Watertower Duin & Bosch...

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Romantic getaway

The luxurious room of 20 square meters is a real high-end designsuite. Designed for a quiet and comfortable stay, It's easy to forget that you're sleeping in a more than 100 year old tower. Sustainable materials and products of high quality give the suite an industrial, modern atmosphere. 

The windows offer a breathtaking and continuously changing panoramic view on the surroundings. Later tonight, you'll see the sun setting in the west from within the great, soft bed... And tomorrow, you'll wake at the break of dawn together with the birds in the treetops around you.

It definitely will be a romantic night when sleeping upstairs on the 'floating' loft in a kingsize, round bed. Of course with a fine mattress. Downstairs the suite is equipped with a rain shower, toilet and flatscreen tv with two seats. Besides that, a great freestanding bath awaits you. Cheers with a glass of Cava and a spectaculair view.

Luxury at a great height

  • 360 panoramic view.
  • Delicious and complete breakfast is included.
  • Check-in from 15:00/3PM.
  • Late check-out until 12:00/12PM.
  • Kitchenette with sink and inventory.
  • Quooker and coffeemachine including tea and cups.
  • A chilled bottle of cava at arrival.
  • Comfortable seating area and high table.
  • Wi-Fi, soundsystem and flatscreen tv.
  • Airconditioning and heating.
  • Own parkingspot next to the tower.


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