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Discover our convivial meeting square

The heart of the campsite consists of the convivial meeting square. It has everything to do with nice food and drink. You can start your day here with a fresh cappuccino or conclude it with an Aperol Spritz. You can enjoy real Italian pasta, a juicy steak, fresh fish or a quick snack or fried chicken. While you sit in the sun on the terrace, your children can enjoy themselves in the playground. If you prefer eating at your own tent or rental accommodation there are plenty of take-out possibilities too. Enjoy everything together! 

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Op de Hoek

Appropriately, you’ll find restaurant 'Op de Hoek' (On the Corner)... at a corner of the meeting square. Here you'll find everything Italian, from pizza and pasta to tiramisu, and of course good Italian wine to accompany the dishes too. We're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner or for popping in for a drink. The lovely, spacious terrace invites you to find a sunny or shady spot to sit down and enjoy a drink in. Benvenuto!

Please consult the website of 'Op de Hoek' for current opening times.


Restaurant de Duynen

Simply a great place to eat! At Restaurant de Duynen there is something for everyone on the menu. Pull up your chair for a nice lunch with homemade soup, a luxurious sandwich or a pancake. There is ample choice for dinner too. What about a lovely satay, a double burger or a fresh salad? We have special menus for the little ones, and also offer take out! 

Please check de Duynen's Instagram page for current opening times.

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't Kippaleis

As soon as the smell of fresh rotisserie chicken hits your nose, you can't think of anything else. Kippaleis at Bakkum is infamous for its dangerously tasty chicken. You can see the chickens turn from the afternoon, but this is also your number 1 stop for many other lovely chicken dishes. 

Since so many people know how good our chicken is, we advise you to book well in advance. To avoid disappointment, you can do this at the Kippaleis counter.

Please look on the sign at Kippaleis for the current opening times. 

Vis & Meer

A portion of fried fish, a salmon kebab or a herring roll: those who like fish can indulge at Vis & Meer! The extensive menu and in particular the homemade specials are heartily recommended. It's a great place to be, not least because of the comfy terrace. 

Do you fancy a fish dish or a BBQ pack? We can make these to order!

The sign at Vis & Meer will inform you of the current opening times.

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Snackbar de Duynen

If you don't fancy a whole extensive dinner, then why not get a nice snack, with fries... or chips. The choice is wide, so it may be hard to decide. We have the well-known croquette, the cheese soufflé and hamburgers, but there are many vegetarian options, too. Have a seat on a picnic bench or take your order back to your own pitch. There's never a wrong time for a good snack. 

Current opening times are found on the sign at the snack bar.

De IJswinkel

It is always good weather for ice cream! In any case for ice cream from 'de IJswinkel' (Ice Cream Shop). The ice cream is homemade and very popular at Bakkum. Did you know that in addition to vanilla there are many other flavours? Black cherry, butterscotch, apple, or perhaps pistachio? Crown your ice cream with whipped cream and an amazing dip. We also have lots of different water ices. In summer, there's even an ice cream cart roaming the campsite grounds.  

Current opening times are found on the sign by 'De IJswinkel'. 

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