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Forest pitches

Our Forest pitches are found on Zeeduin. These pitches offer the lovely shelter and shade of fir and maple trees. There are both sunny and shady pitches available.

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Bakkum watersportplaats

Watersport pitches

Our Water Sports Pitches … all on a custom camping field that allows you to soak up the water sports vibe. It offers the ultimate beach feeling with hammocks, surfboard decorations and a communal grill. 

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Sun pitches

Our Sun Pitches are situated on Commissarisveld. This is a sunny field that makes you feel as if you are camped in the middle of the dunes. The track to the beach - a 20-minute walk - is connected to Commissarisveld.

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Speelplaatsen overzicht

Play pitches

Play Pitches offer you and your children extra holiday fun by offering special play facilities central to the area. Your children can play safely and meet other children similar in age without extra effort. 


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Bakkum duinplaats

Dune pitches

Enjoy yourself round the clock; on the beach in the daytime, and in your caravan at night. Our Dune Pitches are in a beautiful location at Commissarisveld, with a woodland view that makes you feel as if you are in the middle of the dunes.

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Tentplaatsen commissarisveld overzicht

Tentpitches with picnic table

It's all in the name: Tent Pitches are especially suited to tents, for real camping without electricity. They do have useful picnic benches though, so you can leave your table and chairs at home! 

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Camper pitches

Our Campervan Pitches offer 10-amp electricity and a reinforced surface, making them very suitable for campervans. These pitches are especially suitable for large campers staying for a limited period. 

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Tentplaatsen commissarisveld overzicht

Tent pitches with electricity

These Tent Pitches, especially suited to tents, offer 10-amp electricity, plus the extra benefit of a picnic table. On Commissarisveld you'll enjoy the sunny places. 


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