Zomer camping bakkum

Forest pitches

Our Forest pitches are found on Zeeduin. These pitches offer the lovely shelter and shade of fir and maple trees. There are both sunny and shady pitches available.

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Bakkum watersportplaats

Watersport pitches

The Watersports pitches … a custom camping field where water sports rule. Experience the ultimate beach atmosphere; with hammocks, surfing-inspired decorations and a communal grill area. 

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Sun pitches

All Sun pitches are located on Commissarisveld, a sun-drenched area that makes you believe you are in the heart of the dunes.  The road to the beach links to Commissarisveld, and takes you to the beach within a 20-minute walk. 

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Play pitches

Play pitches offer you and your children extra holiday fun, with their playground equipment in the centre of the area. Children meet playmates in the drop of a hat, and you can keep an eye from your camping pitch.


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Bakkum duinplaats

Dune pitches

Enjoy the beach in the daytime and the caravan in the evenings. Dune pitches are located on the edge of Commissarisveld, looking out on the forest. You'll feel as if you're in the middle of the dunes.

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Tentpitches with picnic table

The name says it all: Tent pitches are for tents, guaranteeing authentic, nostalgic camping. A handy feature is the picnic table at the pitch, saving you bringing a table and chairs! 


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Bakkum camperplaats

Camper pitches

Camper pitches offer 10-amp electricity and a paved area, making them extra suitable for camper vans. 

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Tent pitches with electricity

These Tent pitches are intended to be used with tents and offer 10-amp electricity. In addition there is a picnic table, ready for use during your stay. Very convenient! 


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