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In the middle of the dunes, with both beach and city within reach
Camping in the middle of the dune landscape, close to the beach. That means gazing at the stars on a clear night, rabbits around your tent. Or deer, spotted during an exploration. Hop on your bike, or venture out on one of the many walking tracks. The North Holland Dune Reserve and National Park Zuid-Kennemerland are waiting to be explored. But the same goes for historic cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem and Alkmaar, which are mostly within half an hour's travel. So if you like culture, shopping or eating out, one of the Kennemer Duincampings is an excellent base! Special Activities There is a lot to do on and around the camping, such as excursions with the ranger, a ranger course for children, a surf camp or yoga course on the beach. We even cater for daredevils, with a bat excursion under a full moon.

The organisation
Kennemer Duincampings (KDC) is the umbrella organisation of three beautiful and distinctive campsites situated in the Dutch sand dunes. Each Kennemer Duincampsite is led by a manager, a head reception and a head of technical services. These teams are assisted by approximately 30 people in winter time and by 150 staff during the high season. Co-workers at the three sites are supported by six staff members and the General Manager KDC. The staff members are specialists in different areas; Human Resources, Administration, Entertainment and Marketing.

Our mission is to offer our guests an unforgettable experience in the Noord-Holland sand dunes. This includes excellent hospitality, exceptional nature-oriented products and high quality facilities. We aim to achieve this through sound, distinctive and market-conform management, with our location in the sand dunes and the proximity of the beach as unique selling points.

Environmental awareness
The rich flora and fauna of the sand dunes in Noord-Holland have great allure, and in our view there should be a balance between recreation and conservation. This view is represented at the campsites, which are based on camping with a strong awareness of nature. This extends beyond the supply of a permit for the surrounding area and organising excursions. We ensure that the environment is a priority on the campsites, which is reflected in both the use of energy and materials and the organisation of the pitches. We don't like obscuring the scenery behind camping equipment, party tents, wind screens or other constructions. We supervise the responsible use of open fire, take action against vandalism and wish to ensure the prevention of pollution. We expect that you will actively support us in these aims. Together with our guests, Kennemer Duincampings wish to make camping and nature go hand in hand. Our efforts on conservation and sustainability have been awarded with the most prestigious award in the field, the golden 'Green Key', testimony to our conscientious treatment of the environment. We consider our social responsibility and involvement as self-evident. Kennemer Duincampsites have therefore initiated several related projects, for instance with the Roads Helpt Foundation.