Zoek je verblijf

In addition to spending the night in unique accommodations, you can also enjoy camping in our beautiful surroundings. Surfing, swimming, playing and good food. Experience it all at Bakkum camping!


We pay a lot of attention to the children. Recreation is available during the holiday periods. We also have a number of activities such as trawling with Gjalt, going on an adventure with the Bosw8er and 't LAB.

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Sustainable camping

Holiday in The Netherlands is very sustainable, and your children will thank you for it. You'll no doubt enjoy looking at and staying in the beautiful natural area our campsite is part of. In order to ensure you and others can continue to benefit from it we do our utmost to angle recreation towards nature conservation. 

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Food and drinks

The heart of the campsite consists of the convivial meeting square. You can enjoy real Italian pasta, a juicy steak, fresh fish or a quick snack or fried chicken. While you sit in the sun on the terrace, your children can enjoy themselves in the playground.

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Camping Bakkum's origin is more or less an accident. At the start of the twentieth century, the land was owned by the German princess Von Wied. A great nature lover, she allowed a handful of people to pitch their tent on her land..

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North Holland Dune Reserve

PWN manages over 7,300 hectares of dune landscape on behalf of the province of North Holland. Included in this area is the North Holland Dune Reserve, one of the largest nature reserves in The Netherlands. It stretches from the Tata Steel grounds in Wijk aan Zee to the Dunes of Schoorl.

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