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Frequently Asked Questions


Additional terms

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Can I make a little hedge or other boundary on my pitch?

It is not allowed to create boundaries (such as fences) or permanent windbreaks. A temporary windbreak is allowed, provided it does not exceed 1.5 metres in height and is no longer than 8 metres. When you are not present on the pitch for longer than 24 hours you'll need to ensure that such windbreaks have been removed.

Can I sow grass on my season pitch?

You can collect grass seed from Reception and sow this on your pitch. It is not permitted to use turf grass.

Can I take my car onto the campsite?

Season Pitch campers can only take the car to the pitch at times that this is allowed (Fridays from 17.00 to 20.00, Saturdays from 09.00 - 13.00). 

Can somebody come with a buggy to help me get my things to the pitch? I have so much stuff!!

In principal, yes. This is not a service at the campsite, but staff will help when time allows. At the end of P2 and P1 there are trolleys that you can use to cart things to your pitch. You'll need a €2 coin to access them (which you get back).

Can you give me my neighbour's telephone number/address

No. The campsite does not give private information of campers to third parties, including other campers. We can contact your neighbour by telephone and pass on your number, so your neighbour can contact you.

Do I need to tell the campsite when people other than my family members stay on the pitch?

Yes, when people are staying on your pitch without you being present, we regard this as sub-letting. This needs to be reported to Reception.

House rules

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How do I inform Reception about sub-letting?

You can tell Reception who is staying on your pitch. Payment needs to be made before people stay the night, with the cost covering a maximum of 6 people. The sub-letter will receive a Season parking card for the period they are staying, admission to the North Holland Dune Reserve and an information folder about the campsite and the area. These can be collected from Reception in advance.

How do you define a visitor?

A visitor is a third party coming to stay the night at a pitch, in the presence of the person who rents the pitch.

How long can I sublet my pitch for?

For a maximum of 4 weeks.

How much does a pitch cost?


How much is a parking card?

A parking card valid for the entire season is in 2024 €75

How much is it to stay at Camping Bakkum?


I am planning to buy a new camping means. What are your criteria? (Which ones to you allow, which ones are not allowed?)

Tents, tent houses, camping bungalows, mobile homes and touring caravans are all permitted. The camping means must not be longer than 9.15 metres, or wider than 3.20 metres. The permitted surface area of both camping means and shed (if present) must not exceed 35 square metres. Wooden caravans and caravans exceeding 2200 kilos are not permitted. You could show us a photograph and description, so we can tell you before you purchase. They can be sent via nieuwkampeermiddel@campingbakkum.nl

I have a physically impaired visitor. Can I take my to the pitch?

As a rule, visitors with physical impairments will be taken tot he pitch in a golf buggy by one of our staff. To leave the pitch, simply phone Reception. (The campsite offers this service).

I want to swap pitches in 2020. What should I do?

Season campers who wish to swap pitches should attend our Swap Day on the first Sunday in January. You can enrol at Reception. On this day you can swap pitch with other Season Pitch campers, or with a vacant pitch. We'll send you an invitation for the Swap Day in December, including a list of all vacant pitches, so you can prepare. On the day itself it will be "first come, first served"!

I would like a season pitch on Camping Bakkum. How do I apply?

Put your name on the list of people who are interested. When pitches become available you receive an invitation in January, with the exact date, conditions and the way pitches will be allocated. 

Is use by friends or family also sub-letting?

Yes, every use by third parties (other than the guest and party) is subletting, irrespective of if payment is made to the pitch holder.

May I take my (touring) caravan away from the campsite during the season?

The (touring) caravan may only be taken off the campsite during times cars are allowed to reach the pitch. This is on Fridays from 17.00 to 20.00, and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00. Should a mobile home need to be replaced then you need to contact us so we can find a time when this can be arranged

Someone who had to move pitch has chosen my pitch. What now?

If the campsite decides to build something new, this may lead to someone having to move. These unavoidable movers will be offered pitches that were taken over in the past year. If someone chooses your Season Pitch, then you will in turn be offered first choice from all free season pitches (given up by campers who will not return). Make sure that we know your preference before the Open Day in January.

What does your caravan test involve?

Caravans are tested on safety (gas hoses) and on broken or decayed parts (condition of the caravan). In addition we require the vehicle to have an acceptable appearance. Tests involve the following points: gas tightness of hoses, age and length of gas hoses (maximally 2 years old and 1 metre), gas regulators, flames of gas appliance (stabile, blue flame), position and attachment of gas appliances (carbon monoxide), air supply and ventilation to and from gas appliances, the functioning of thermocouples, pilot lights extinguishes: gas supply off, geyser flue, electrical connections, socket position and earthing in wet areas, checking of compliance with NEN norms of the connection cable.

What is sub-letting?

Sub-letting is defined as staying the night by third parties without the presence of the pitch holder or his/her family. This is allowed for a maximum period of 4 weeks, at a cost of € 360,-. This needs to be paid before the sublet begins. Subletting is also possible per night, at € 20,- per night.

When I take over the camping means of a present guest, do I get the Season Pitch too?

Taking over a contract from an existing guest ensures you of a pitch at Camping Bakkum. However, we cannot guarantee that the same Season Pitch that you took on with the transfer of the contract will also be offered to you in the next season.

When I wish to take over a season pitch from someone who has one now, what do I do?

In order to take over a contract, both the present and the future guest can make an appointment to arrange transferral via Reception. We will vet and inspect the camping means beforehand if it is to be included. Transferral of the contract is possible from the start of the season to the 31st of July only. From the 1st of August season pitch contracts cannot be taken over. Guests who have rented a Season Pitch at Camping Bakkum since the 6th of June 2017 may not transfer their contract. The Season Pitch will remain the property of Camping Bakkum at all times. The sale of a pitch is not possible.

Will my camping means be checked every year? If so, do we get a sticker every year too?

Camping means must have a testing certificate. An external company must test caravans for gas and electric installations. This company will issue you with a certificate and a sticker. These are valid for three years. Camping means newer than 3 years do not need to be tested. Campers who do not use gas or electricity in their camping means can apply for exemption of testing at Reception.



Can I work on the caravan when it is in your storage?

When the caravan is in storage you cannot reach the vehicle any more, nor work on it. The caravans are positioned so that nobody can get in; neither you, nor any unwanted guests.

Can people swap towing days if they really cannot make it on the allocated days?

No, caravans must be moved on the scheduled day. It may however be possible to swap the times.

Do you put the caravan on legs?

We do not remove the caravan legs when putting the caravan in storage. The same applies when we put the caravan back on the pitch.

How can I apply for winter storage at Bakkum?

We cannot offer you winter storage at Bakkum any more. Practically everyone who used it during last winter has indicated intending to use it again. We do have a waiting list for winter storage. We can put your details on the list, and contact you as soon as space becomes available, but we need to warn you that this waiting list is moving only very slowly. Alternatively you could contact someone offering winter storage in the area (farmers). You can get a list of addresses and phone numbers from Reception.

I wish to be present when my camping means is moved. Can I make an appointment?

If you store your caravan with us, you'll receive a letter with the moving date as soon as Reception are informed. You can make an appointment in person or by telephone. Your camping means needs to be fully ready to be moved on the appointed date.

Is the storage guarded?

Storage is on P2. Several areas of P2 are guarded via camera security. The caravans are positioned so that there is very little room between them, preventing anyone getting in through windows or doors. The storage area is fenced. There are no permanent staff guarding the storage.

What requirements need to be met before the caravan can be moved?

The caravan must be ready to be towed. This means that nothing must be left under or around the caravan. The tyres must be properly inflated and free of leaks. The stabiliser legs must be secure and the undercarriage in good order. The caravan must generally be in a condition where it can be simply hooked up and towed away.

Why can I not move my touring caravan myself?

We move all caravans including touring caravans, so that they all end up in the right spot and we won't need to move a caravan again.