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Frequently Asked Questions


(Outside permitted times) I am expecting a delivery. Can they drive to the pitch?

As a rule, third parties delivering items or repair services cannot take a vehicle onto the campsite.

Are pets allowed on the campsite?

We are a pet-free campsite. You can, however, stay with your dog at our sister campsite, Camping Geversduin. www.campinggeversduin.com

Can I have a barbecue?

Barbecuing is only permitted on gas or electricity.

Can I have my post delivered to the campsite during my stay?

Letters can be delivered to Reception, where we have a pigeonhole for campsite guests. We regret that parcels cannot be delivered; these are returned to sender.

Can I receive friends & family?

Visitors are always welcome! They can park on the large car park, by taking a ticket at the barrier and paying before departure at the pay machine next to Reception. 

Can I take my car onto the campsite?

Season Pitch campers can only take the car to the pitch at times that this is allowed (Fridays from 17.00 to 20.00, Saturdays from 09.00 - 13.00). 

Can you get to the campsite by public transport?

Public transport For current bus times to and from the campsite, please visit: www.9292.nl

Attention! During the season the bus does not always drive to the entrance of the campsite! This is only during the summer holidays.

Coastal bus summer vacation Coastal bus 868 (Castricum NS station - Castricum beach) stops in front of the entrance of the campsite during the summer holidays. You can use this bus line from mid-July to mid-August. The bus stops in front of the campsite. This bus stop in front of the campsite is called: ''Bakkum, Prov. Kampeerterrein".

More information about departure times and other details can be found here.

From what time can I drive to my pitch?

The first barrier, at the left while entering the camping (P2) is open 24 hours, and the second, giving access to your pitch is closed between 22:00 and 08:00 the next morning. 

From which date may campers stay the night on the campsite?

You can see when the season starts in our prices list. Two weeks before this date we start building up the site. During this period you can reach your pitch daily by car between 9.00 and 17.00 in order to set up your camping means and make your pitch your own. The building up period closes two weeks after the start of the season. You'll receive more information about all this before the start of the season.

How can I see which pitches on the campsite are still available?

You can see which pitches are vacant when you book online. This is possible by 'Choose your best pitch!'. Here you see the vacant pitches on the campsite map. Green caravans indicate free pitches during your indicated period.

How far is the beach from the rental accommodation?

The beach of Bakkum is located 950m from the edge of the campsite, at the entrance of the accommodations.

How many Amps is the electricity on the pitch?

All tourist camping pitches are supplied with 10 Amps electricity.
Only the Watersport pitches have 16 Amps electricity.

There is a wasp's nest near my pitch! Now what?

If the wasp's nest is in a caravan, we cannot remove it. Guests will need to contact Jaap Zandvliet on 0612756257. His card is available from Reception. Wasp's nest on a pitch or the wider campsite will be dealt with by our technical service.

What happens with my data? AVG Wet (Data Protection Act)

Click here for more information: https://www.campingbakkum.nl/privacy

When do visitors pay? (Tourist as well as Season class)

Visitors should pay €5.80 per person per night on arrival. They will receive a barrier pass for the P2 barrier and a pass for access to the North Holland Dune Reserve.

in/uit checken

in/uit checken

Can I decide myself when my caravan is moved?

No, we plan which caravan is moved into storage and when. We can arrange a time however, so you can be present.

I need to depart at 12.00. Can I leave later?

This may be possible during the low season (except in school holidays). If so, you may stay until 20.00 for a fee of € 15. This is only possible on tourist pitches, and subject to availability.

I need to vacate my rental accommodation at 10.00. Can I leave later?

You cannot leave your rental accommodation alter than 10:00, as our cleaning team needs the time to prepare the accommodation for the next guests.
However, you may be parked in the large car park for the rest of the day, so you could go to the beach!

Until when can I check in?

You can check-in till 22:00 every day. When you note you plate number of the vehicile in your booking the barrier will open with a camera who reads the plate number. 

What time can I check in?

You can check in for a camping pitch from 14.00, and for a rental accommodation from 15.00

What time should I have checked out?

Those with a camping pitch should have checked out by 12.00, and people with a rental accommodation should check out before 10.00



I have an emergency, what do I do?

Everyone receives our emergencies information sheet on arrival. You'll find the most important information on it. In case of an emergency, ring the emergency telephone number: 0683441129. All permanent staff are trained in First Aid and handling accidents & emergencies.

When is the doctor onsite?

There is a doctor on the campsite, where Dr vd Maarel give consultations during the season. You are advised to bring proof of health insurance.



If Reception is closed, is there anyone available?

Yes, we have a night watch in the low season, and people on night duty in the peak season. These can be reached via the same number as Reception: +31-251-661091. In case of an emergency there is the emergency number: 0683441129

Until what time is Reception open?

In the low season, Reception is open until 19.00 from Sunday - Thursday and until 21.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. During the peak season Reception closes at 21.00 on Sunday to Thursday, and at 22.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Which plants may I plant on my pitch?

You may plant the following native shrubs: Berberis vulgaris Barberry, Crataegus monogyna Common hawthorn, Euoymus europaeus European spindle, Ligustrum vulgare Wild privet, Prunus padus Bird cherry, Rhamnus catharicus Buckthorn, Frangula alnus Alder buckthorn, Rosa canina Dog rose, Rosa rubiginosa Sweet briar, Salex repens Creeping willow, Sambucus nigra Elderberry, Sorbus aucuparia Rowan, Viburnum opulus Guelder rose, Syringa vulgaris Lilac, Fagus Sylvatica Beech, Field maple,  Common hazel, European cornel (cornus mas), Common dogwood, Honeysuckle, Blackthorn, Gooseberry or bulbs such as Winter aconite, crocus, grape hyacinth and snowdrop.



When are the washrooms cleaned?

The washrooms are cleaned 4 times a day. During the high season we try to adhere to set times. They will be cleaned twice in the morning, once in the afternoon and towards the end of the day.