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Welcome to our very own paradise. Great that you got here via the QR-code! An excellent digital spot for information, good tips and info about your rental accommodation.

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Network: Bakkum Accommodaties
Password: Bakkum1914


Every day from 09:00 to 19:00, in holiday periods until 21:00. 0031 251-661091. You can WhatsApp us via: 0031 6-20701816.


Our rental accommodations have a Nespresso coffee machine. Do you prefer a Senseo, or a filter coffee version? We'll gladly bring you one if available!


The sauna is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You can open the door with the tag on your bunch of keys.

In- & checkout

Strandhuisje buitenkant mensen


On the days of your arrival and departure there are hosts/hostesses at the rental accommodations. They will receive you and show you the way. If you don't see them they are probably helping other guests, so if your question cannot wait, just ring or WhatsApp Reception. Alternatively you can go to the little office near the entrance of the accommodation area.


Your clean and cosy rental accommodation will be available from 15.00. On the day of departure you can stay in your accommodation until 10.00.


When you have unloaded your suitcases or shopping you'll need to park the car in the car park. Drive back a little to behind the barrier; you can park immediately behind the barriers. In this way the area of the rental accommodations remains car free and thus safe for playing children. You can of course drive the car to the accommodation on the day of departure to load everything in again.


Please post the key through the letterbox when checking out. You can also hand it in at Reception! In that case we can wave goodbye and listen to any tips or feedback you may have.


We request that you leave the rental accommodation tidy and clean. Please wash up all crockery and cutlery, put the furniture back in its place and place all your used linen in a pillowcase next to the front door.

Operation appliances

Bakkum_strandhuisje_groen (1).JPG


There is also a microwave in the accommodation. Would you like a small oven? Please ask our hosts/hostesses.


Very room has an electric heater. Each of these is correctly adjusted. You can change the temperature with the +/- buttons. Do you need assistance? Just WhatsApp or ring Reception and it will be on its way.


If the temperature is not constant, press the button on the side of the mixer tap and open the tap fully.


You operate the TV by the on/off button. There is a range of Dutch channels, music channels and also German channels.


  • Press the on/off button to switch on the microwave function. You can choose oven or microwave with the left rotary knob.
  • Turn the right selection knob to set the cooking time.
  • Press the power/weight button to set the microwave power.
  • Press the power/weight button again to confirm or wait for the power in the display to stop flashing.
  • Press the start/pause button to start the cooking process.

When the cooking process is complete, you will hear 5 beeps. The fan continues to run for some time and switches off automatically.

Practical information



Holidays are about being together. Enjoying a late evening drink and some nibbles. The rental accommodations are located in the vicinity of other campers, and we ask you to take your neighbours into account. Please ensure there is peace and quiet after 22:00. We thank you for your cooperation! If you should experience any noise nuisance, then please let us know. Tel: 0031 251-661091.


You can book a cot and/or highchair at Reception at no extra cost. We do appreciate your doing this before you arrive.


You can contact the night watch via the telephone number for Reception. Tel: 0031 251-661091. Can your question or issue wait until the next day? We'd love to help you in the morning at Reception, from 09:00.