Disney Parade


Just like a parade in Disneyland Paris there'll be loads of dancing, great music and singing during this parade at Camping Bakkum. You'll meet all your Disney friends at this parade, which will visit the whole campsite!

The parade will start at 19:00 at the Sport & Spel hangar.
You can join in and dance in your best Disney outfit, or collect the route description from Reception on the day itself to check where it goes. The route also indicates where the parade will stop to give you a chance to be photographed with your favourite prince or princess, shake hands and catch your breath before the next stage. A long route across the whole campsite will give you the chance to wave to all your friends like real princes and princesses. The route is long, and it is possible that the pace is a little too fast for the smallest children. This is why there are stations where the parade stops, so the little ones can also spend some time with their idols. If this applies to your children, just go to one of the indicated stopping points.

You'll find them on the map you can collect from Reception.