Bakkum's Cuddly Toy doctor in 't LAB


12:00 - 16:30 hours
Is your cuddly toy under the weather? Does it have a broken leg, a missing eye or a tear in its fur? Visit Cuddly Toy doctor Phyllis in 't LAB today, because she treats all soft toys and dolls, free of charge and without making an appointment!

Phyllis has been a toy doctor for many years, and she and her assistant know exactly how to make your cuddly toy or doll better. Sometimes a plaster or a dressing is all that's required. At other times a needle and thread are needed, the boxes full of eyes are opened, or legs need to be reattached to bodies. Your toy will likely be fixed within minutes, so you can just wait for the repair. Should more work be needed, you can discuss this with the doctor.

The Cuddly Toy doctor will be in 't LAB from 12:00 to 16:30. Just drop in and see if she can help you. You won't have to wait long before it is your turn.