Under the supervision of Gjalt, you will experience a fantastic afternoon that you will never forget! Always wanted to know what sort of fishes and creatures live in the ocean?

Gjalt owner of the organisation www.deNatuurlijknatuurlijk, will tell you everything about it during the excursion.‘Korvissen’, or ‘Korfishing’, is a great experience and a funny way to learn everything about the sea and what you can find along the coast of the North sea.Gjalt starts the activity at the reception. Explaining about the seafish, the shores and also about the weather and the best way to experience all of this. The whole group will go to the beach by bicycle. Please bring your own bicycle.
He will focus on the kids, and together they will prepare the nets. After explaining everything to the whole group, they will drag the net, a ‘Kornet or fishnet’ into the sea and along the shore. After a while back they go back to the beach where they start the exploring!
What kind of creatures and fishes are in the net? Everybody is allowed to touch and feel and look at all the little things in the net. Maybe Gjalt will amaze you when he puts a jellyfish on his tongue!
He puts a lot of energy and excitement into his stories and the way he explains everything. His love for the sea is almost contagious. You can almost feel the years and years of experience in the way that he talks about it with his enthusiastic Amsterdam accent.
The excursion will take about two hours of your time. And there is no bad weather Gjalt says..
Don’t forget to bring warm (top) cloths, swimwear and a towel. There are some wetsuits available. Shorts are often fine in summer to wade through the water with the net. 

5 euro per person and the excursion starts at 13:00 pm.