Beach pavilion

A bite to eat, a drink and a walk along the beach? There is plenty to do on Castricum beach! Club Zand, Zoomers, Zeezicht and Deining are all beach tents well worth your time.

Club Zand is a trendy beach pavilion on the beach at Castricum aan Zee. A relaxed atmosphere and the international menu guarantee great unwinding, all year round. Castricum aan Zee beach has something to offer during all 12 months of the year.
Apart from a delicious dinner there is always space on the terrace or in the conservatory for a smaller bite to eat and a drink. In addition there are several lounge options at our pavilion.

A wedding, family party, business party, meeting or a dinner: the unique location on the beach, close to the sea, makes Zoomers eminently suitable for any occasion. 
Beach Pavilion Restaurant Zoomers in Castricum aan Zee is a modern beach tent with worldwide influences where you can enjoy coffee, lunch, high tea, dinner or a bite to eat in a sustainable fashion. 
Honest, organic and wholesome products are used, so that everything that tastes good, feels good too. Moreover, it aims to be a place where everyone feels at home. Experience the pleasing rhythm of the sea here, 365 days a year. They call it 'nice & slow living'. 

After a big dose of fresh sea air on the beach it's good to get your feet under one of the tables in Zeezicht, be it on the terrace or inside the stylishly furnished restaurant, where the Chef uses a combination of local and fresh produce. 
Enjoyment in spades sums up Zeezicht!! The tastiest beach pavilion in Castricum. Our coffee is delicious and honest: organically grown and bought on fair trade (Max Havelaar) conditions.
We also take great care of our wine list.  It contains pleasant house wines, but also several extraordinary choices. With taste and balance in mind you'll encounter wines from all corners of the world!
Did you know we offer six(!) different speciality draught beers too? In Zeezicht you can enjoy several craft beers year-round. Exceptional on the Dutch coast!

Not just any beach pavilion, but a unique beach experience, built with respect for the surrounding nature. Sustainability that subtly reveals the hand of its well-known architect. The extremely successful marriage of honest materials and calm hues is centred on the large round open fire. The owner has a motto: "life begins there where the land ends ". In his opinion life is all about possibilities, so he and his team are used to dreaming along with his guests. Inspiring ideas are the result, surprising facilities, coupled with down to earth expertise, suited to any budget. From the first rays of the spring sun, to the golden glow of mid-summer, the roaring autumn gales and the icy character of Jack Frost: Deining is open year-round. Whether you arrive in a bikini or a thick winter coat, Deining welcomes you with style and old-fashioned hospitality.