Whether you are looking for a group or family day out, or just want to come on your own to admire the butterflies: you are very welcome in Butterfly Garden Vlindorado.

Closely behind the North-Holland dunes, between Alkmaar and Schagen, and 50 km north of Amsterdam, you'll find Butterfly Garden Vlindorado. One of the largest indoor butterfly gardens in Europe, on the premises of flower-growing business Dekker Anthuriums.

Our butterfly paradise will be open again from 14th of February 2018. A suitable attraction whatever the weather. Experience the colourful world of the tropical rainforest, with its exotic butterflies. They come in many shapes, colours and sizes, and include the sensational blue Morpho from Central America. Every week 400 to 700 pupae arrive at Vlindorado, from Costa Rica, The Philippines and Malaysia. After their long journey the pupae are suspended in the emerging cage, where each time a beautiful butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis.  

In addition to the butterfly garden there is the bird garden. A very large birdhouse where you can have a lovely walk while admiring the birds close up. In April 2017 we added a black-necked aracari, Pteroglossus aracari, and a green aracari, Pteroglossus viridis, to the bird garden. 

The main tracks in our garden are surfaced and without steps, making access for people with a wheelchair, mobility scooters or prams easy. We also have one wheelchair and three walking frames that are free to use; just let us know in advance if you need these.

After your walk you can digest your experiences on our one of our terraces. There is an indoor terrace with a view to the butterfly garden, and also a patio terrace.

The tropical climate that the butterflies need means that both temperature and humidity are high in the butterfly garden. Please keep this in mind when you choose what to wear.

A visit to our butterfly garden is a great idea for a day out and a real experience for all ages! Don't forget our package deals, should you plan an outing with family or friends, or a staff day out. A visit to the butterfly garden is combined with a tour of anthurium-growing business Dekker Anthuriums, and the only papaya grower in The Netherlands. We also offer workshops where you can learn to make a stunning flower arrangement, or a package in conjunction with a different touristic enterprise in the area.

The butterfly garden is also very suitable for a children's party.