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Do you want more of that Bakkum feeling at home? Then why not get some of the many fun items, such as T-shirts, great accessories for in the caravan or children's toys. The choice varies, so drop in and let yourself be surprised. The brand new hoodies and Eekis are in, or how about some campsite socks? The hoodies and all other items can be found in the shop at Camping Bakkum Reception. 

Eeki en Camping sokken.jpg

Eeki, Ullie and Zep Cuddly toys

Eeki Ullie Zep

Playing cards

Bakkum speelkaarten

Walking and cycling maps

Wandel en Fietskaarten

Keychain Eeki

Sleutelhanger Eeki


Bakkum rompertjes


Stickers Bakkum


Mok Bakkum


Bakkum paraplu

Jotz Postcard

Jotz kaarten

Caravan painting set

Caravan schilderen

Bakkum Postcard

Ansichtkaarten Bakkum

Bakkum Ansichtkaarten


More colors and sizes are available
T-shirts are also available at the shop.

Hoodies Bakkum love

Bakkum hoodies


Sokken Camping Bakkum

Sokken Eeki

USB Stick Eeki

Eeki USB Stick

Vampie en Tick

Vampie en Tick