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Zoek je verblijf
When would you like to come?

I want to go back already. After three weeks at Camping Bakkum it is back to sitting in traffic again. 
The first time at Bakkum we camped on one of the Forest pitches. There were lots of different ones, from shady to sunny. The washrooms were close and the kids entertained themselves with the play equipment. This year we went for luxury and rented a comfortable beach house with toilet and shower. Each morning the newspaper lay on the veranda, courtesy of our friendly host. We had great times with the neighbours too!

But for now, back to the traffic jam…

The children are still talking about how much fun they had; dancing with Eeki each morning, and crafting the best and craziest things afterwards. There were plenty of things to do at the campsite: sports, Circus week, putting on theatre or learning to surf; even dragnet fishing or rafting. Baking rolls by the campfire was a great favourite too! In the evenings we could all enjoy the free shows in open-air theatre De Pan. 

A bit of reminiscing…

Ambling around the regularly held organic market, doing the historic walk or the workout track. Arriving at the beach after just 950 metres walking or cycling through the North Holland Dune Reserve. And beautiful weather: what more could I have wished for? At times we didn't feel like cooking after a long day at the beach, so we headed to the shopping square. Plenty of choice, chicken, pizza, fish, chips! Not forgetting our outings to Alkmaar, Haarlem or Amsterdam; those cities are much easier to reach than we thought.

The minute we are out of this traffic jam and home I'm going to book for next year!