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Zitfit massage

Relax with a massage during your stay

Want to relax after a busy period during your stay? That is the power of massage.
Do you want a massage for 30 minutes? That is also possible for €35,-. 

* Chair massage in your street (2-4 persons) - € 60.00 per hour - by appointment the masseur comes to you - cash / pin.
* 'Bakkums Hoeve' (from 4 pers) - € 60.00 per hour - complete your stay with a chair massage treatment for your group.
* 'Massage voucher' - € 60.00 per hour (only valid in high season) - make someone you love happy with a massage during your stay at the campsite.

Location: Dokterspost

You book your massage with Saskia van Poppel: 00316-434 729 30