Zoek je verblijf

Film house has become even cooler!

See the before and after photo here.

You rent the cinema for €80,-

Great for a kids partie and birthdays, but also for an evening watching a movie with your friends. A private cinema, who wouldn't want that! For this you can enter with 1 to 10 people and enjoy a movie that you have chosen. If you want to come with more people, you pay an extra €7.50 per person for each visitor over 10 people. A maximum of 30 people can be accommodated in the movie house, but it is of course also very cozy with fewer people! If you are with a group of children, you also get a bag of popcorn and lemonade. If your group consists of adults, there will be a glass of bubbles and nibbles ready. Don't like bubbles, but prefer something else? We can arrange everything in consultation. But you can also bring something delicious yourself.

And of course there is a break, but only if you want it. Someone from the recreation team will always be present during the film to give you a festive welcome, dim the lights and start your film.

An experience you will never forget!

Want to make a reservation?
Please contact the reception or send an email with your question, name + mobile number to info@campingbakkum.nl


Voor filmhuis.PNGNa filmhuis.PNG